Rules and Regulations

South Whidbey School District No. 206

Facilities Use Requirements

1. Application Requirements

2. Restrictions

3. Applicant’s Responsibility

4. Payments

5. Right Reserved to Revoke Permits

6. Interlocal Agreements

7. Priority Use of School Facilities

8. Classification of Organizations for Facility Rental and Use

9. Facilities Fee Schedule

1 Application Requirements

Prior to the use of a facility, an online application for use of buildings, grounds, and/or equipment must be made on this site. A responsible representative of the group requesting use of the facilities must provide all information requested on the application. An application for the use of the High School Performing Arts Center must be approved by the Theater Manager/Designee at the High School.

a. The school principal/designee gives first approval indicating that the requested dates are available and that he/she gives initial approval of the nature of the specified use. Assessment of charges, if applicable, will be determined at this time and final approval given by the Business Manager/designee.

b. A single application may be made for a series of stated meetings of like character; however, a separate application must be made for meetings that deviate from the original application. Facilities utilized shall be limited to those specified on the application. Only approved applications constitute permits for the use of school facilities.

2. Applications for continuous use for a series of like meetings (Camp Fire, church, PTA, Scout, etc.) will not be approved for more than the current school year.

3. It is not the intention of the SWSD to provide a permanent meeting place for outside organizations.

4. Applications will be considered and scheduled when submitted in the appropriate manner and it is determined that there is no conflict with SWSD programs and activities.

5. Facilities will be scheduled based on the priorities as noted in Section 9 with the exception of the High School Performing Arts Center.

2. Restrictions

Applications will not be approved for any use which, in the judgment of the Superintendent and/or his/her designee, may not reflect a representative balance between student and adult activities, may be contrary to the best interest of the school or the educational program, or for which satisfactory sponsorship or adequate adult supervision is not provided.

This shall include proper police and fire protection where necessary.

a. School facilities will not be rented for private parties.

b. Applications will not be approved for any illegal activity or by any organization listed as subversive by the United States Attorneys General.

c. It is the applicant’s responsibility to state on the application, in detail, the intended use of the facility.

d. Keys to buildings or facilities will not be issued to user groups. School district personnel or an authorized representative will open and close the facilities.

e. A district representative/designee must be present at all times whenever community activities take place within a district building.

f. A member of the food services staff or a district representative with a current food handler’s permit must be present whenever community activities require the use of the kitchen.

g. No decoration or the application of material to walls, floors, or ceilings will be allowed without the permission of the building principal/director.

h. Gym shoes are required for all activities taking place on the wood gym floors.

i. Profane language, possession, or use of alcohol, illegal substances, firearms, dangerous weapons, boisterous conduct, betting, or other forms of gambling shall not be permitted on school premises

Weapons: All weapons are prohibited on District Property

Reference: District Policy 4310

RCW 9.41.250-280

RCW 28A.600.210-240

j. Use of any tobacco products is prohibited in all school facilities and on all school grounds.

Tobacco: Smoking is not permitted on school grounds or inside School buildings.

Reference: District Policy 4215

RCW 28A.210.310

3. Applicant’s Responsibility

a. Application for a school facility shall constitute acceptance by the applicant of the responsibility for any damage done as a result of their use and agreement to comply with all rules and regulations regarding the use of school facilities as prescribed by the school board. In the event of damages, applicants shall accept the damage repair estimate made by the Maintenance Supervisor with approval of the Business Manager.

b. The applicant must exercise the proper care in the use of school premises and agree to protect, indemnify, and save the SWSD harmless from all liability resulting from use of the requested facilities. (Ref. Procedures 1.b.)

c. The applicant must provide satisfactory adult supervision of all activities.

d. Before leaving the building or grounds, all groups will pick up, clean, and put in order the facility used.

e. The applicant will notify the principal /director of the facility requested of any cancellation of previously scheduled facilities in ample time to plan accordingly. In case of failure to do so, SWSD may bill for expenses incurred in preparation for use of the facilities requested.

f. Failure to comply with the aforementioned responsibilities may result in denial of future use of any SWSD facility.

4. Payments

a. All basic charges for district-required buildings and personnel services performed by school district employees shall be arranged by the Business Office designee and paid to the District Office. Organizations or groups are not to make any payment directly to on-duty school employees, or make any individual arrangements with employees as to service charges. User charges will be established by the Superintendent and are found in Section 9 Facilities Fee Schedule.

b. Payment in full is due in the District Office prior to the event taking place. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the use of the facility. 

5. Right Reserved to Revoke Permits

a. The Superintendent or his/her designee reserves the right to cancel any permit given and to refund any payment made for the use of school buildings or grounds where it deems such action advisable and in the best interest of the school district. The School Board also reserves the right to modify its policies at any time.

b. Falsification of information on the application form will result in revocation of use of facilities.

6. Interlocal Agreements

Currently SWSD has interlocal agreements with the following organizations. Use of the facilities and subsequent charges by any of these groups shall be based on their specific agreement. The only exceptions to the interlocal agreement may be the High School Performing Arts Center which must be arranged through the Theater Manager/Designee and may carry additional costs due the nature of the facility.

A. Whidbey Island Center for the Arts (Ref. Middle School Joint Use Lease Agreement, November 1994)

B. Island County Chapter of the American Red Cross (Ref. Statement of Understanding, November 1996)

C. Whidbey Watershed Stewards (previously Maxwelton Salmon Adventure) (Ref. Operating Agreement, June 1997)

D. South Whidbey Parks and Recreation District (Ref. Inter-local Agreement, December 2004) for public recreation purposes

7. Priority for Use of School Facilities

SWSD curricular and co-curricular activities have first priority for the use of all facilities, which may result in other groups having to reschedule their activities.  Attempts shall be made to maintain a representative balance between various student groups and also between student and adult groups.

Priority 1 School District Sponsored Activities, Functions and Events

Priority 2 Classification I

Priority 3 Classification II

Priority 4 Classification III

8. Classification of Organizations for Facility Rental and Use

Classification I

School or Child-related Groups or Other Government Agencies

No Charge for Facilities Use (Possible Charge for Extra Utility, Cleaning or Supervision)

Includes organizations whose main purpose is to promote the welfare of boys and girls or to provide members of the community access to government programs/opportunities for civic participation. When facilities are used outside of regular school hours or the district incurs extra utility, cleaning or supervision costs, a fee will be charged based on the Facilities Fee Schedule in Section 9 or actual costs incurred.

Examples of Classification I organizations include but are not limited to:

SWSD Parent Booster Clubs, PTS and PTSA, 4-H groups, Camp Fire Groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, Youth Groups, YMCA-Boys and Girls Clubs, South Whidbey youth athletic leagues/teams (SW Youth Soccer, Little League, etc.), Island County government agencies (Sheriff’s Department, Fire Districts, etc.), Langley Police Department and other municipal or county agencies.

Classification II

Nonprofit Groups

Rental Charge for Indoor Facility Use, High School Stadium and Custodial/Food Service When Appropriate

Includes organizations which might wish to use school facilities for lectures, promotional activities, rallies, entertainment, college courses, or other activities for which public halls or commercial facilities generally are rented or owned. A rental charge for the facilities use will be billed based on the Facilities Fee Schedule in Section 9, except that such charges may be waived when a service club or other nonprofit group is raising funds for charitable purposes.

Examples of Classification II organizations include but are not limited to:

Heart’s & Hammers, Local Civic Clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis’s, etc.), SW Churches, Whidbey Island Writers Conference, Goosefoot, SW Relay for Life, SW Chamber’s of Commerce, Private K-12 Schools and SW Owners Associations, Daughters of Norway, Island County Democrats & Republicans, Whidbey Children’s Theater, Whidbey Dance Theater, Island Dance

Classification III

Commercial Enterprises

Facility Rental Charge, Custodial/Food Service and Maintenance.

This includes profit-making and business-related enterprises.

This classification requires a non-refundable deposit equal to 20% of the total billable amount. All invoices must be paid in full prior to the event taking place. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the use of the facility

9. Facilities Fee Schedule

a. Classification II will include the custodial rate added to the rental fees when extra time is required for preparation and cleanup of facilities by the school custodian. On school nights the renter pays only for the extra time it takes the custodian to prepare and restore the facility or if the custodian is required to stay beyond his/her normal workday.

• When no custodian is regularly scheduled, the scheduled custodial rate will apply for all hours the building is occupied, with a minimum of three (3) hours (Saturday, Sunday, holidays, summer vacation).

• Whenever kitchen equipment is used, all users will be required to hire ONE district Food Services employee (paid at scheduled food service rate) Food service employees will be responsible for supervision of the kitchen only.

b. All High School Performing Arts Center rates and fees will be negotiated at the discretion of the Theater Manager/Designee.